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Cocaine and Crack Charges in Fort Worth

Crack cocaine is a much more addictive and destructive form of powered cocaine.  Because it is smoked, its euphoric effects are almost immediate but then last for a much shorter time than when sniffed as a powder.  This makes the crack user crave more of the drug sooner and more frequently than with powdered cocaine and makes it much more addictive. 

Texas has earned a tough reputation for its laws regarding illegal drug use, sale and possession.  If you are caught, charged and convicted of possessing, selling or manufacturing crack cocaine, you will face very severe penalties, including high fines and stiff jail sentences.  You should speak to a Fort Worth Drug Crimes Lawyer to discuss your arrest and charges as soon as possible.  The Alband Law Firm will insure your rights are protected and provide you with a thorough and aggressive defense to your drug charges.  Mr. Alband, who served as a Tarrant County Felony Prosecutor for four years before establishing his own criminal defense practice in Fort Worth, is committed to providing his clients with immediate service and an intelligent and aggressive defense.

Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney in Fort Worth

Once we meet with you to discuss your arrest, we will review all the circumstances to discover if it might be possible to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.  It is important to determine the facts regarding:

  • Your arrest and search; did they follow the rules of law?
  • Were you properly informed of your rights (Miranda rights)?
  • Did you have a medical reason or prescription for the drugs that were found?
  • Were you under investigation or was there an informer?

If any of these questions provide evidence in your favor, it can be possible to reduce or have the charges dismissed.  In some circumstances, it may be possible to reduce the charges to receiving a drug rehab program instead of serving jail time.

If you are arrested for possession or use of crack cocaine contact a Fort Worth Crack Cocaine Defense Attorney as soon as possible.  You deserve to know your rights and receive the best defense possible in your case.