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While many states in the Union are finding it necessary to loosen the prosecution and sentencing of drug crimes, due to budgetary cuts and problems, Texas remains one of the strictest states in terms of drug crime prosecution. As a state with one of the longest foreign borders Texas is an entry point for much of the nation's drug traffic as well. Our state is also one of the toughest in the prosecution of driving while under the influence of drugs. As a result drug crimes represent a significant portion of the law activity in the courts and prisons.

Another aspect of Texas law has been the somewhat controversial establishment of "drug free zones" or "enhanced zones". If an area has been designated as a drug free zone, such as 1000 feet from a school, then the degree of crime is increased. A crime and the penalties can be significantly increased for that crime. For example, a drug crime that would normally be punishable as a state jail felony would be increased to a felony of the third degree if committed in an enhanced zone. The consequences are significant. The time of confinement can be increased from the level of not more than two years in a state jail to a minimum of two years with a maximum of 10 years in the institutional division.

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The legal team at our firm is highly educated and extremely well-versed in all of the complex legal matters surrounding criminal law, including drug crimes. Despite how intimidating and frightening your accusation may be, it will be extremely important to consult with a skilled Fort Worth drug crime defense attorney at our firm immediately.

We have helped hundreds find relief from all types of accusations and we can provide sound defense and proficient legal advice for virtually any type of drug crime, including:

Behind the defense of such cases often lie highly complicated legal issues and even if found guilty the differences in sentencing can be extreme depending upon the degree assigned to that crime. Any Fort Worth drug crime defense attorney that you choose should have a long history in this field as well as deep courtroom experience. Our group at The Alband Law Firm has years of successful work and trials behind us including significant time spent on the District Attorney side of the law. This exposure to the prosecution side has been valuable in building a deep understanding of how to better defend against criminal charges.

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Whether you are facing a federal drug crime or a less serious drug crime, the penalties will still be extremely harsh if you obtain a conviction. Without the seasoned advice of your legal counsel, you may find yourself facing jail time, fines, community service and a ruined family name. People who have been convicted of drug crimes in the past have noted that they faced humility and embarrassment in the community, so do not let it happen to you.

Protect your rights with a knowledgeable Fort Worth drug crime defense attorney at our firm today. We have provided support for a countless number of people in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. Our legal team does not rest until we know that we have successfully defended the rights of our clients, both in and out of a court room. For more information on how you can retain the powerful services of an elite drug crime defense lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, do not hesitate to call our office today!

If you are fighting charges of a drug crime you need to contact a Fort Worth Drug Crime Defense Lawyer today and begin building the strongest possible case in your defense.